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Symphoniacs don’t consider themselves a band or ensemble in a conventional sense, but rather an ever-expanding pool of outstanding classical musicians. A creative movement of today's biggest talents, who don’t discriminate between classical and electronic music and are passionate about creating something completely new. A literal „Club Of Visionaries“ from all over the world.
We are giving you the unique opportunity to join us on stage in May 2017 and become part of this revolutionary movement.

Show us your virtuoso skills on violin, cello or piano and, with some luck, you’ll be given the opportunity to make a guest appearance at one of our live shows!

What to expect:

•  An exciting session with some of the biggest talents in classical music from all over the world

•  A live performance in front of a large crowd in one of the most beautiful concert venues in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. 

•  An international portrait feature about you on our social media channels.

• Travel and accommodation to rehearsals and the concert.

How to win:

•  Find the sheet music-video that matches your musical instrument 

•  Record yourself synchronously playing the passages that are missing in the video. Don’t forget to briefly introduce yourself!

•  Upload the video to YouTube and post it on Facebook using the hashtag #bepartofsymphoniacs 

•  Fill in your contact details and video-url into the form below

•  Share your video and encourage your friends to support you!

•  Symphoniacs will choose the best performance from all entries and the winner will be invited to perform live on stage with Symphoniacs at a future concert. 

Competition entries will be accepted between 1 February 2017 and 24 April 2017.

Be part of Symphoniacs! We look forward to your videos! 

Vivaldi Winter Violin
Music sheets (PDF)
Vivaldi Winter Cello
Music sheets (PDF)
Vivaldi Winter Piano
Music sheets (PDF)